Institutional access

All your medical books in an App

Available Anytime, Anywhere, No Internet connection necessary

MedHand offers subscription options for medical institutions of all sizes, from community practices and large teaching hospitals to academic medical schools. An institutional subscription gives you:

  • Full, offline access to the content that you select, hundreds of leading medical titles to choose from our Bookstore
  • Users can select the books they need depending on their specialisation or rotation from our Bookstore
  • Specialisation-tailored packages from different publishers, all in one cross-title searchable library App creating a powerful and unique point of care tool
  • Full, offline access to the entire BNF and BNF for Children, integrated with all content via a cross-title search
  • Personalisation features for your users, such as adding notes, bookmarks, photos, highlighting
  • Localisation features for your institution, including the option to upload local documentation, fully searchable and available offline (local clinical guidelines, protocols, course notes, timetables, internal telephone directories, campus directions, etc).

For an institutional subscription quotation, or to arrange a free trial for your institution, please contact our sales team:
Tel: +44 (0) 207 936 9054