About Us

MedHand International

MedHand International was formed in 2001 by a group of medical doctors and computer engineers. Its mission is to deliver clinical information "at the point of care" for health care professionals.
Our main product, a free app entitled MedHand Mobile Libraries, is a full mobile library which can be downloaded to your handheld computers, smartphones and PDAs. This gives doctors instant access to their most trusted references whenever needed.
MedHand Mobile Libraries have earned a strong reputation amongst doctors in both the UK and Scandinavia with its unique patent pending user friendly navigation features.
MedHand International is collaborating with all major publishers in the Medical Life Science sector and has recently signed a 6 year world-wide exclusive agreement with Oxford University Press for mobile delivery of their popular medical handbook series.
MedHand Mobile Library technology is quickly becoming an industrially accepted solution for the delivery of content within all branches of health and medication. MedHand International is a leader within the field, utilizing both new technology and innovation to deliver the best possible product for the medical profession.

Mission Statement

MedHand International's goal is to provide the most user friendly, flexible and secure source of information on any type of computing device, running any type of operating system.


MedHand International is a provider of mobile knowledge for medical professionals. MedHand Mobile Libraries are designed to serve medical doctors in the United Kingdom / Commonwealth and Scandinavia. Dr Companion also has the potential to serve professionals all over the world. MedHand enjoys a status of partnership with Oxford University Press.

Board of Directors

  • Prof. Michael Swash, MD, FRCP The Royal London Hospital, United Kingdom
  • Dr. Ulf Gunnarsson, MD, PhD The Karolinska University Hospital Stockholm, Sweden
  • Dr. Anders Milton, MD, PhD Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sweden
  • Mr. Simon Pillar, Chairman
  • Mr. Fredrik Josephson CEO


MedHand International was founded in 2001 by a general practitioner and a mobile development expert to create a mobile medical information suite. Assisted by a board of international medical experts, MedHand Mobile Libraries were created.
MedHand Mobile Libraries were originally developed for the Palm OS® platform and products were released in Sweden and the United Kingdom in 2002 and 2004 respectively. Marketing and distribution was conducted in collaboration with Palm in both countries.
Due to the growing presence of other handheld operating systems and the desire of our customers to use the product on standard computers, the development of a revolutionary multi-platform framework began that allowed the production of a product for many devices using a single development code base.


Get all the clinical decision support you need, at your fingertips

MedHand is now called Indextra. Our brand new app* gives you a complete medical library for a low subscription fee, instead of buying books one by one. It includes the Oxford Handbooks, Stahl’s, Maudsley, BNF, BNF-C, TNM and most of the 500+ other medical books we’ve been selling under the MedHand brand.

*Available in App Store. Android and PC/MAC coming soon.