Emergencies in Cardiology
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Emergencies in Cardiology

Oxford University Press

The Oxford Handbook Emergencies in Cardiology Second Edition is developed by MedHand Mobile Libraries.

Acute cardiology problems often need quick, appropriate, diagnosis and treatment. With the increasing complexity and rapidly-changing nature of available therapies, knowing which to use and in what situation can be difficult. The freshly updated Emergencies in Cardiology, Second Edition, provides an easily-accessible guide to diagnosing and managing acute cardiovascular problems, incorporating both symptom-based and disease-based sections. Cross-referenced to the Oxford Handbook of Cardiology, this handbook allows rapid access to accurate, up-to-date information. There are specific sections on the management of cardiovascular problems in pregnancy and adult congenital heart disease, in addition to more practical sections on how to perform emergency cardiology procedures and ECG recognition.

The book is designed for busy medical and cardiology teams, with bullet-point information for speed and clarity combined with the integral cross-referencing system, enabling quick access to the necessary information.

• Senior clinicians present invaluable advice gained from personal experience, and illustrated with real cases • Practical, concise and up to date information on acute cardiology problems • A series of four icons clearly distinguish the degree of urgency with which the emergency must be treated • Every topic starts on a new page to aid ease of use • A specific section on establishing the diagnosis • Includes an ECG library for instant recognition of ECG diagnoses and a section to guide practical procedures

New to this edition

• New chapters on infective endocarditis and cardiac drugs and their toxicity • New sections in practical procedures including intra-aortic balloon pumps and exercise ECG testing, and clearer guidance in the existing sections • Improved ECG chapter with revised initial section on mechanisms of arrhythmia • Enhanced chapter on cardiac problems in pregnancy with improved practical guidance on management

Readership: Senior house officers, specialist registrars in cardiology and specialist cardiac nurses. This book will also prove invaluable to staff in accident and emergency medicine, general practitioners, and medical and nurse students during their cardiology training.

Edited by: Saul G. Myerson, Robin P. Choudhury, and Andrew R. J. Mitchell
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