Pocket Tutor: Chest X-Ray Interpretation
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Pocket Tutor: Chest X-Ray Interpretation

JP Medical

This J P Medical app-book, Pocket Tutor: Chest X-Ray Interpretation, improves your performance with relevant, valid material that you can access quickly and with minimum effort in the palm of your hand using Indextra's patented technology.

THIS APP-BOOK includes unique functions such as:

  • A powerful search
  • Bookmarks
  • Complete set of medical calculators; Body Mass Index, Peak Expiratory Flows, Dehydration Correction Calculator and more
  • Highlighting
  • High-resolution pictures
  • History
  • Notes and picture-notes

About this title:

Titles in the Pocket Tutor series give practical guidance on subjects that medical students and foundation doctors need help with 'on the go'. Their highly affordable price represents great value for those rotating through modular courses or working on attachment.

Topics reflect information-needs stemming from today's integrated undergraduate and foundation courses:

  • Common investigations (ECG, Chest X-Ray, etc)
  • Clinical skills (procedures, patient examination, etc)
  • Important and/or complex specialties in which students receive comparatively little dedicated training (psychiatry, renal medicine)

Chest X-Ray Interpretation – Key points:

  • Highly affordable price and convenient format – fits in back pocket!
  • Logical, sequential content: relevant basic science; understanding normal results and the building blocks of abnormal results; then clinical disorders
  • Clinical disorders illustrated by a full-page chest radiograph with brief accompanying text on facing page that clearly identifies the defining features of the X-Ray

Authors: Michael Darby, Anthony Edey, Ladli Chandratreya, and Nicholas Maskell

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£14.95 GBP
£14.95 GBP
£14.95 GBP
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