Substance Use Disorders
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Substance Use Disorders

Oxford University Press

This Oxford University Press app-book, Substance Use Disorders, improves your performance with relevant, valid material that you can access quickly and with minimum effort in the palm of your hand using Indextra's patented technology.

THIS APP-BOOK includes unique functions such as:

  • A powerful search
  • Bookmarks
  • Complete set of medical calculators; Body Mass Index, Peak Expiratory Flows, Dehydration Correction Calculator and more
  • Highlighting
  • High-resolution pictures
  • History
  • Notes and picture-notes

About this title:

Pittsburgh Pocket Psychiatry Series

Substance use disorders (SUDs) are common among many patients with medical and psychiatric disorders. To provide optimal care to patients, professionals from all medical and behavioural health disciplines must address SUDs. Failure to do so could contribute to morbidity and mortality in cases of more severe substance dependence.

This new volume in the Pittsburgh Pocket Psychiatry series provides a comprehensive overview of substance use disorders for medical students and psychiatric residents. It is aimed particularly at increasing the student’s knowledge and skills in addressing SUDs. It focuses on those substances used, abused and leading to addiction, and the clinical implications of SUDs. Epidemiology, aetiology, classifications of SUDs, screening and assessment, and pharmacotherapy and psychosocial interventions are discussed alongside case histories illustrating the material covered. Questions for the reader stimulate thinking about specific cases and how the medical student or resident can help patients with SUDs.

The thirteen chapters also cover problems caused or worsened by SUDs - such as Hepatitis C, HIV/AIDS and co-occurring psychiatric disorders; relapse and recovery (given that many patients with substance dependence suffer a relapse); adolescents with SUDs; prevention and harm reduction interventions; and medical, psychological, family and cultural aspects of addiction and recovery, thus provides the reader with a broad framework for understanding and helping patients with SUDs, as well as their families.

An extensive list of online resources is provided that includes mutual support programs as well as professionals and organizations who offer helpful materials and programs for patients with SUDs.

The contributing authors represent medicine, psychiatry, social work, and psychology in diverse treatment settings. Many are also researchers, and all are educators involved in mentoring medical students, residents, fellows and other healthcare professionals.

Key points:

  • Focuses on prevention and harm-reduction interventions
  • Discusses the impact of SUDs on the family and how families can help the member with a SUD
  • Includes focus on patients with co-occurring psychiatric disorders
  • Highlights main points through cogent, reader-friendly writing

Readership: Medical students, psychiatric residents, and professionals from all medical and behavioural health disciplines.

Editors: Antoine Douaihy and Dennis C Daley

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